About Equality in STEM

Our Mission

To attract and retain women in STEM careers in South and West Yorkshire.
About us

What do we offer?

For individuals

  • career development advice and
  • networking with other men and
    women working in STEM
  • opportunity to take part in round
    table discussions
  • access to mentoring network
  • opportunity to become a role model to promote STEM careers

For companies

  • best practice guidance for
    organisational culture change
  • networking and presentations
  • access to round table discussions
  • career development advice and support for your employees
  • access to mentoring network for
    your employeers
  • opportunity to promote your
    company and employees as role
    models to promote STEM

Why set up Equality in STEM?

I’ve worked in STEM industries throughout my career for over 25 years, in food manufacturing, construction, accountancy, engineering sectors.

I love working in the manufacturing sector and am passionate about inspiring more women to join the industry, supporting more women to take up leadership positions and promoting the range of exciting careers available in the sector to assist in filling the skills shortage the industry is going through.

Last year I met a female structural engineer that had left the industry, retrained as a life coach but wanted to get back in the industry. Didn’t know how to go about this and was also looking for a mentor.

Throughout my working life in STEM sectors I’ve seen only a handful of women on Boards or in senior management positions.

In 3 years of apprentice intake at a heavy engineering company we had only one female apprentice out of 30 apprentices.

Many of the engineering companies I’ve worked with have no women on the shopfloor, not for a want of trying but they don’t get women applying for the roles.

I work with The work-wise Foundation who are a charity set up to promote engineering and manufacturing careers in schools, academies and colleges. A lot of work is being done in this area to encourage the next generation of girls to consider STEM careers.

– Jackie Cook, Founder

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