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Top ten tips to encourage more equality in the workplace

Writtin on 16 October, 2021
Top ten tips to encourage more equality in the workplace

By Jackie Cook, Founder, Equality in STEM

  • Be aware of unconscious bias
  • Support and encourage others in the workplace
  • Say thank you for a job well done (should be a given in any organisation but we know it frequently gets forgotton in today’s busy world)
  • Think about language in your communications – be more inclusive
  • Ensure team building activities accommodate different opinions, beliefs and values, and don’t exclude
  • Don’t tolerate inequality, divisive behaviour – call it out
  • Create more equal policies such as parental leave, equality in maternity and paternity leave, flexible working or work from home policies
  • Eliminate gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, disability from your job application process. Actively promote that you welcome applications from all backgrounds
  • Create mentors, sponsors and allies within the business to support
  • Be aware of differences in support needed by individuals, for example many minority groups struggle with imposter syndrome.