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How many women are currently in STEM?

Writtin on 7 March, 2021
How many women are currently in STEM?

These are the latest government workforce data, which shows up to the end of September 2020. While these are moving in the right direction, we are aware that any full impact of COVID-19 on the STEM workforce will become clearer over the next few months and years, and we will continue to track this data. We know that keeping gender on the agenda is critical now more than ever.

Latest government data shows that in 2020, there were still over one million women in core-STEM occupations.

There are now over 53,000 women in engineering professional roles – almost double the number 10 years ago (2010).

The proportion of tech roles filled by women has remained fairly consistent but has increased slightly since 2010. Further action is needed to encourage more women into tech roles, category of jobs that make up a quarter of the STEM workforce.


Source: Wise Campaign – September 2020