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Abbie Green, Trainee Technical Co-ordinator, Castings Technology

Writtin on 4 June, 2023
Abbie Green, Trainee Technical Co-ordinator, Castings Technology

What is your current role?

Trainee Technical Coordinator in a foundry – we produce highly complex castings for many industries including aerospace, defence and oil and gas.


What does your role involve?

I’m involved in CAD work designing methods for castings and 3D printing using stereolithography working as part of the manufacturing team at the start of the process.


How did you get started in STEM?

At 16, I went to an open evening at the AMRC Training Centre in Rotherham and then came for an interview at Castings Technology  International and was offered an Apprenticeship as a methods engineer. I really enjoy hands on learning, making and designing things so this was an ideal place  to start in engineering with long term career opportunities.  The apprenticeship gives me the opportunity to both learn and earn.


What qualifications did you take or gain along the way?

I left school at 16, with GSCEs and have built on those to achieve Level 2 – EAL Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing and Level 3 – Engineering Technician (Technical Support Technician), and I am currently working on my Level 4 HNC in Manufacturing Operations which I am studying 1 day a week whilst gaining practical experience on the shopfloor.


Why do you love working in STEM?

There are always new things to learn every day at work and the diversity of projects here mean that I am gaining new skills and experience which contributes to my academic learning for my HNC.


What challenges have you faced in your career and how have you overcome them?

When I was 16 it was quite intimidating coming from school into a large company without any experience and being very unsure as to what each day would bring.  The people I work with have helped build my confidence by pushing my boundaries and working with different people in different departments has built up my communication skills and understanding of my responsibilities in being an effective part of the team.


What advice would you offer to someone joining STEM sectors?

Firstly I would say that if you are open to the opportunities it broadens the scope of your career such as working in different departments and understanding how they fit into the business.  Take time to get to know your colleagues and learn from them as they will support your career journey.


What do you think we need to do as an industry to attract and keep more women in STEM?

Speaking as a 20 year old female it is important to have a clear career pathway that is reviewed and discussed regularly so that progress and concerns can be talked through and new options added both in terms of personal and technical training.  Actually here we have more female role models than in some manufacturing companies and to see their career progression is inspiring